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AutoClubs.Ca is not a business. Our financial costs for this site are only partially offset by the gracious donations of our viewers and sponsors.

No wages are taken or given to our dedicated photographers or our viewers that so generously donate images they have obtained from events we are unable to attend.

We ask that you consider making a donation to assist in keeping this site alive. We put thousands of hours of labour into making these images available to you, and incur thousands of dollars in costs.

By simply giving a donation, no matter how small, you help to ensure that our expenses don't reach the point where we simply cannot afford to keep this hobby alive. We do not expect our viewers to provide us with support to cover our time, but would appreciate enough support to cover as much as possible of our other costs. These costs are things like fuel, hosting, and server hardware.

Please take the time to make a donation, no matter how small. Every dollar helps.

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